Payment plans.

(cost in training video is from 2022, refer now to new costs below)

What Is a Tuition Payment Plan?

Tuition payment plans spread out university fees into affordable installments so you can pay over time (usually two years or more) instead of making one lump sum payment. They can also be a great alternative to borrowing loans. A tuition payment plan splits university bills into equal monthly payments. Since the installments are smaller, paying for education out of pocket may be doable for some families. For the most part, tuition payment plans are accessible to all prospects. But unlike loans, there is no interest. Most plans restrict the payments to just the direct costs paid to the university, such as tuition and admissions fees. And most tuition payment plans allow the family to set up an automatic transfer from a debit or credit card to pay the installment payments on time.

Special payment plans?

From time to time AIU will accept a lower payment plan in special occasions. But in order to take advantage of this, the student must proof she/he has every intention to study and provide all required documents for review in a timely fashion. Special plans can be below $150 or even $100 sometimes. Team leader will let you know when the time comes STAY ALERT.

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