Admissions counselor academy

The Admissions Counselor Academy is a comprehensive training system specifically designed to equip admissions counselors with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their roles. The training may be conducted in a one-on-one or group setting, or a combination of both. It includes a range of resources such as Zoom workshops, webinars, and real live training videos. The primary objective of the academy is to empower admissions counselors with the knowledge and tools to effectively recruit and enroll students, while simultaneously fostering their professional development and facilitating career growth.

It is important for admissions counselors to receive consistent training for several reasons:

  1. Keep up with changes in the industry: The higher education landscape is constantly evolving, and admissions counselors need to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in order to be effective in their roles. Consistent training can help ensure that counselors are aware of new developments and can adapt their strategies accordingly.
  2. Improve performance: Ongoing training can help admissions counselors improve their skills and performance, which can lead to better outcomes for our institution. Counselors who are well-trained are better equipped to meet enrollment goals and provide a positive experience for prospective students and their families.
  3. Maintain compliance: Admissions counselors need to be aware of and adhere to various policies, regulations, and ethical guidelines related to their work. Consistent training can help ensure that counselors are aware of these rules and can avoid potential legal or ethical issues.
  4. Foster professional development: We provide consistent training opportunities and can demonstrate our commitment to the professional development of all counselors. This can help boost your morale and motivation among counselors, which can lead to better job satisfaction.

Overall, consistent training is essential for admissions counselors to stay current, improve performance, maintain compliance, and foster professional development. It can benefit both the admissions counselor and AIU as a whole.

Admissions Counselor’s Philosophy

We strongly believe that every interaction with our future student is an opportunity to create a positive and lasting impression. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and value to our prospects, we strive  to exceed all expectations with every interaction. We believe that success is not just about hitting targets, but also about building strong relationships and providing genuine solutions to our prospect´s obstacles. 

Admissions Counselor’s Mission

To be  the leading team in our industry, recognized for our work ethic, determination and results. We are a committed team of high achievers who aims to exceed our weekly expectations. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and learning, and we strive to be at the forefront of our industry through innovation, creativity, and collaboration. 

Admissions Counselor’s Vision

To be  a world class team widely recognized as the gold standard in our industry. We aspire to be the go to team for all students of AIU who seeks exceptional service, value and results. We envision a team of passionate and talented individuals who are empowered to make a difference in their lives, and who are constantly learning and growing to stay ahead of the curve. We aim to build a culture of excellence, teamwork, and respect, where everyone feels valued, supported and inspired to achieve their best. 

Admissions counselors must align with our team philosophy, mission, and vision by promoting continuous improvement, consistent excellence, innovation, adaptability, and the development of strong relationships. It also empowers us all to become the gold standard in the industry and foster a culture of excellence and empowerment.

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