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It is up to you, to make the decision to become the best!

We are here everyday with the purpose to find the perfect candidate to enroll into their program of choice. At the same time we are here to find our best potential and put into action what we learn from training materials we receive everyday. The purpose of training content is not to entertain anyone, but it is to give you tips to improve to work different and better. 

How do I understand the training videos better?

The answer is very simple, by watching or listen to audios a few times until the information makes sense to you and you apply it to your calls. If you do not apply it, then you will stay in the same situation of mediocracy and not moving towards reaching your potential or climb up in the chart.

EXAMPLE of important points to include in your calls:

  1. I have been assigned by the Director of admissions to help you.
  2. I am calling to conclude your admissions request which you submitted (date).
  3. Open curriculum and andragogic method of learning is the future of education.
  4. The duration of the program is determined by each student based on their goals (graduation, selection of course topics, time invested into program, thesis, determination etc.).
  5. Program can be designed for accelerated completion, of course.
  6. At AIU the student is the expert and has academic freedom to custom create and design his/her own program.
  7. Every student can find their purpose in life by researching what they are passionate about.
  8. Develop knowledge and skills to improve exponentially via practical learning versus theoretical. 
  9. AIU pledge is a commitment to use your innate abilities to make the world a better place, one way is by contributing to the 17 UNESCO 2030 Goals.
  10. We are accepting motivated students this week and next week, can you send me your documents today?
  11. Yes, we have partial scholarships, BUT they are designed to help students who qualify and are ready to start their program this week or by next week.
  12. Partial scholarships are LIMITED and once it is access by other students in (country) there will be nothing left, your chances of getting it is by allowing me to help you get you the most.
  13. Avoid using words like, ongoing scholarships, minimum partial amounts, pay first then we give you one, this offer ends, 50% off, etc.
  14. You may use words like, limited partial scholarships, maximum partial you may qualify for, you must be committed to start to get an approval, partials are available on a first come first serve basis, funding always run low as the days passes.
  15. AIULink a social media for our students for networking, webinars, student publications, online library, media video assets and much more.
  16. Students can create a vision and bring them to reality by publishing it on line for free, website and hosting for free for all AIU students.
  17. Payment plans must be designed depending on the prospects income, therefore you must always ask… what is the amount you can invest/pay/fund every month?
  18. If you have any further questions or concern, or want a video call from the Director of Admissions himself, email him and CC me in the email juanmm@aiu.edu
  19. Make every effort to make the interview about the student and not about you or your commission. The commission always comes AFTER the student feels he/she is in a solid process of admissions, where everything is covered should he/she has any doubts or more specific questions before joining.
  20. Always call knowing someone at AIU is always listening to your calls to guarantee quality interview to every prospect who applies.

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