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AIU’s method of learning is Andragogy, if you do not believe this is the best method of learning for adults, then it will be difficult for you to transfer certainty to all of your prospects. Notice all of my videos are delivered with a passion behind it, why is that?. The answer is only one, because I believe in what I represent and do. I can say anything I feel because I am you or I was you, I have walked in your shoes, I have made the mistakes you make and this gives me credibility to push you to be the best you can be, because if I did it and was able to be at an AVG of 6.0+, you can be at 3.0+ AVG if you put your mind into it and make the descision to be the best.

Learn how to read the PMS and AC reports

If you want to cover all of your bases and never miss an enrollment, pay attention to all the images below and learn how to act fast and attend to your prospect right away and avoid loosing prospects to other ACs.

Stay within the GOALS to see enrollments every week.

This can be one of the reasons your commission may be on HOLD.

Do not allow your prospects to receive the wrong information from AIU AI mass emails, update their application NOW.

I guess there is an AC not attending his/her prospect, so the PMS re-assign him/her to you.

Always check for spelling errors or double $$ in your admissions paper work to avoid doubts.

Pay attention to the prospects applications to know how many times they applied.

Always keep good notes in comments to secure your prospects in your PMS or to recover them.

Any of these poor notes will guarantee your prospect will be taken away from your PMS, if any AC requests a transfer to them.

Stop everything and call this prospect ASAP since he/she has responded to an ad from AIU.

Stop everything and call this prospect ASAP since he/she has gone back to the AIU website to re-apply.
Always disposition your calls by changing status in the PMS, this will help the PMS know you are working the prospects and feed you more.
ABT program All But Thesis Program (6 months duration).
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Attend to your emails 24/7 to know WHO is coming into your PMS.
Things to look for in long application forms filled by your prospect.

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If you love what you do, you must be up to date on what is going on, let the world know we are the best option for online studies in the world.

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