Documents needed for success

Most prospects feel comfortable talking to a counselor who is genuinely interested in them and their situation. By using your Spiritual Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence you will connect to future prospects and they will allow you to guide them to enroll.

Speed up the process of admissions by having everything you need to set up a prospect to enroll as a student as soon as possible, the draft documents you shall find here will help you in your day to day email communication with every prospect covering any situation.

Information to best assist your prospect fully

Admissions paper work (Find video on ”How To…….”)


Prospect’s request for information before enrolling into their program (Find video on ”How To…….”)


WhatsApp nurturing ads


AC photo backdrop USA flags (Find video on ”How To…..”)


Curriculum design examples – Only use these as a last resort but make sure your prospect knows we are open curriculum


Prospects meeting with Director of Admissions


Successful businessman with a growing AVG chart.

All documents should be downloaded to your PC

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