AIU ACs Audio files

Take time to listen to top ACs and learn different styles of connecting and closing.

AUDIO FEEDBACK? JMT has ongoing audio reviews to ensure all prospects are attended fairly, and given the chance to be attended in a professional manner by an admissions counselor who will dedicate time without judging the prospects by the application they filled or by their age. At AIU we are all equal and deserve the chance for quality education to improve our life.

Sample audios of closing and follow ups by Juan Mejia.

I started to work at AIU about 10 years ago, and have learned to implement strategies that will make me guide any prospect to follow the admissions process and stay committed to starting. HOW? by always sounding confident and take charge of the conversation and take it to where ever I want the conversation to go, the key to accomplish this is by utilizing the tonality of my voice to paint a picture of success. – Juan Mejia

AIU top ACs audio examples

AIU TOP ACs in my opinion, each have also develop strategies to conduct a proper interview process that will benefit the prospect. The following styles of closing will allow you to see how calm and collected top ACs are, and this gives no room for errors in their calls. I truly believe that the best way to improve your performance is by always listening to yourself during audio feedbacks and improve. Ongoing audio feedback will help you to grow since as human beings we evolve learning from our mistakes. Take advantage of many examples you shall find below and learn from them but most important, apply what you learn and improve in every call.

Interviewing good ACs from Nigeria

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