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Spiritual Intelligence – Is the human capacity to ask questions about the ultimate meaning of life and the integrated relationship between us and the world in which we live. It results in an increase in psychological well-being of individuals as well as having a goal in their life.

Life in abundance – Refers to life in its abounding fullness of joy and strength for spirit, soul and body.

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Thesis and Dissertation DefenseA live AIU panel conducts a video conference to review student final project research data and conclusions. This capstone event marks the completion of the academic requirement at AIUVirtual Meeting scheduled upon completion of program
Virtual Labs and SimulationsOver 20 Labs and 100’s of Lab SimulationsStudent section in Virtual Campus
Virtual RealityVR/3D Campus
VR: https://atlanticinternationaluniversity.io/viewer/index.php?code=c81e728d9d4c2f636f067f89cc14862c&room=1 https://www.aiu.edu/university/np/virtualrealitycampus2/
MYAIU11 Elements beyond academic to improve the human condition and maximize student developmentPublic preview: https://www.aiu.edu/myaiu.html
Student Access https://my.aiu.edu/index.aspx 
AIU LinkNetworking for Students & Social MediaLogin: https://my.aiu.edu/MYAIUV2/Login.aspx
Student portal: https://my.aiu.edu/MYAIUV2/ProfilePage.aspx?domain=new Public Preview: https://www.aiu.edu/socialPlatform.html
Virtual CampusPhase 1, 2, 3, 4 Communications, Resources, Videos, Tutorials, CoursesPublic Preview: https://www.aiu.edu/virtual-campus.html
Students: https://students.aiu.edu/Dashboard/Index?pop=1
Study Anywhere Virtual Campus AppUniversity on your Phone. All functions and contents on the AIU App.
Same functions as the AIU Desktop Virtual Campus.
Math Genius for Games/Gamification/Challenges:
AIU Games
Badges, Challenges, Events, Competition. Earn distinction and show your badges on your Profile and unlock special contentLog into Student Section
Curriculum Builder Tool

Automated Curriculum Design Phase 2
In Phase 2 we allow the students 3 options to define their Curriculum:
1) Andragogic each course unique to student using a vast resource and recommended contents from AIU
2) Automated Assigning relevant courses that they can add, remove, edit
3) Hybrid combining 1 & 2
Log into Student Section Phase 2
Step by Step Lessons Phase 1&2Modular Step by step process for Phase 1 and 2 of program with Videos, guides, tutorials.Log into Student Section Phase 1 & 2
AIU’s Merlin Media Center – Knowledge Archive (Netflix)Searchable DB of Courses, Books, Webinars, Curriculums, Optional Assignments, Student Publications, News, Magazine Articles, Blogs, Video interviews, Curriculum Designs, Tests & Quizzes, Student Profiles, Conferences.
100,000+ original AIU academic contents/resources.
Log into Felipe’s Student Section (demo Mode) Launch in 1 week
Some components already live like Webinars, Assignments, Curriculums and 90% just that Netflix project will bring all together on one location.
Online Library240,000 Ebooks + 50 million full text journal articles peer reviewed publications, 1.2 billion+ bibliographical referencesLog into Student Section
Optional AssignmentsRecommended Reading and optional Assignments students can complete for academic credit and personal developmentLog into Student Section
Academic Integrity (Originality Score)Each Assignment is automatically evaluated for plagiarism and originality giving a visible score to the student and academic advisor.Log into Student Section 
AIUTV/RadioPlatform for AIU members to share their vision, expertise and seek audiences for collaboration and amplification of their message. Integrate to Spotify etc.Public: https://myaiu.tv/ Radio: https://myaiuradio.org/
Media CenterSummary of Graduate InteractionsAIU Virtual Graduations: www.aiuvirtualgraduation.org All Sources: https://www.aiu.edu/DownloadCenter.html Gallery Home: https://aiugraduationgallery.org/ Interviews 114+: https://aiugraduationgallery.org/atlantic-international-university-special-interviews/ Video Testimonials: https://aiugraduationgallery.org/atlantic-international-university-testimonials-2022-august/ Pictures: https://aiugraduationgallery.org/atlantic-international-university-class2021-february/ Old in Flash: https://www.aiu.edu/online/Grad%20Gallery/index.html Conferences and Symposiums by Students: https://aiugraduationgallery.org/atlantic-international-university-2019-conferences/ Conferences Virtual: https://aiuvirtualgraduation.org/conferences-feb-2021/ https://aiuvirtualgraduation.org/conference-rooms-august2020/ Deepak Chopra Message: https://aiuvirtualgraduation.org/messages-oct-2020/ Monthly Ceremonies: https://www.aiu.edu/AIUGraduatesPublish.aspx?Month=10&year=2018
Language CenterLearn a language as part of your AIU program. Expand your reach to 500 million people or more by learning a new language. 20+ languages to choose from. Rosetta Stone.Log Into Student Section
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Alumni AssociationPreview: https://www.aiu.edu/AlumniAssociation.html
Portal: https://www.aiualumni.org/
Academic PublicationsStudent PublicationsDB PDF: https://www.aiu.edu/StudentPublication.html
Spanish missing DB link: https://www.aiu.edu/spanish/StudentPublications.html HTML pages Link and List
English 145 of 330+ : Student Publications, Research, Projects, Open Access, Investigation and Academic Work presented to Atlantic International University in Archive and html format. (aiu.edu)
Spanish 369, of 909: https://www.aiu.edu/spanish/StudentPublications.html 
Press RoomNews about AIUhttps://www.aiu.edu/news.aspx 
Written TestimonialsLetters from AIU studentshttps://www.aiu.edu/Testimonials.html 
Campus Mundi MagazineMonthly Magazine about AIU happeningshttp://www.aiu.edu/university/magazine_campus_mundi/all-editions/all-editions.html 
AIU BlogArticles by Students and othershttps://blogaiu.org/  
AIU Open Courses 1Open Courses at AIU (older page)https://courses.aiu.edu/
Spanish: https://cursos.aiu.edu/
AIU Open Courses 2: AIU extensionAIU Extension: Free online courseshttp://www.aiuextension.org/
Career CenterResources for Job seekers (Needs content). Should focus on Challenges and problems facing humanity AND the careers that can address them. Give Examples of AIU graduates doing exactly that. https://www.aiu.edu/paradigmshift/lucy/index.html Similar to : www.learnhowtobecome.org https://www.aiu.edu/CareerCenter.html
AIU MexicoAIU Mexico Office and Site for Mexicohttps://aiumexico.org/ 
AIU GuatemalaAIU Guatemala Office and Site for Guatemala Rep. We don’t directly control the page but can ask for any modifications.https://aiu.edu.gt/ 
LinkedIn Page9400+ Graduates can be found filtering by AIU as their universityhttps://www.linkedin.com/school/atlantic-international-university/ 
YouTubeYouTube Videos 9,440 subscribershttps://www.youtube.com/c/AIUAtlanticInternationalUniversity/featured 
MyAIU Site Site BuilderCreate your vision and publish online:
Web Site and Hosting free for Students
AIU builder helps you with +400 professionally designed blocks allowing you to start building sites and pages instantly with Easy to use drag & drop builder!

Chopra is a prolific author of more than 80 books translated into over 43 languages, including numerous New York Times bestsellers.

His ground breaking book, Super Genes, coauthored with Dr. Rudolph Tanzi (Harmony, November 2015) focuses on the new genetics and is
revolutionizing how we understand ourselves and the health of those around us. Two of his books, Ageless Body, Timeless Mind (1993)
and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (1995) have been recognized on “The Books of the Century Bestsellers List.”

The highest levels of performance come to people who are centered, intuitive, creative, and reflective – people who know to see a problem as an opportunity.

– Deepak Chopra.

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