Admissions process completion

How to create admissions paper work

  • Download admissions documents folders (3).
  • Enrolling status to admissions process or enrolling list.
  • Test; send admissions paperwork to a prospective student who is ready to join AIU.


  • From the link below download the (admissions to AIU documents) folders (3).


Test your knowledge

  • Paper work test or Peter Brown test: (Use folders downloaded above to complete test)

Send me an email to juanmm@aiu.edu with all paper work to enroll a student name Peter Brown from Liberia, he needs a -$4,000 partial scholarship to study his Master’s Degree in International Business, his payment plan must be $250 towards his admissions and $300 in tuition, he will enroll on March 23, 2023. He will like all payment options sent plus an Invoice to pay via bank transfer (must be sent as PDF).

Example of admissions to AIU accepted. (This is what the prospect sees).

IMPORTANT: DO NOT continue until you send the above test to juanmm@aiu.edu

How to enroll a prospect as a student

Save links to your internet browser page

  • Fast access to AIU Email + Data base + Currency converter + Clock spot + Training:

Email: https://aiuex3.aiu.edu/owa/  

PMS: https://www.aiu.edu/securelogin.html 

Currency converter: https://www.xe.com/en/currencyconverter/convert/?Amount=100&From=USD&To=NAD

Clock in and out daily: https://aiu.clockapp.com/

Training materials: https://admissionscounseloracademy.com/courses/master-class/

Soft phone and remote access.

Your PC must be updated to the most recent updates then follow the link below.

Send a screen shot of the Micro SIP Installed to Juan WhatsApp +1 904-435-4349

How to login as an admissions counselor:

Know the rules, enjoy the results

Congratulations for completing the first 3 training sessions.

After completing T3 and submitting the completion of the Peter Brown Test and scoring 100% you will receive the contract to work.

CONTRACT – Several documents will be sent to you, you need to edit the word documents and insert the required information and print and sign the PDFs. We will not accept any documents in the wrong format or sent in several emails, you need to send all required documentation in one email.

Continue training your interview pitch, frequently asked questions, explaining the 4 phases of the program, methods of payments and work on sounding confident. And of course complete the Master Class part of training T4.


Director of admissions is always your first point of contact

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