Application for partial scholarship from AIU

You are here because you saw an opportunity to gain 3 things, one is to improve your life, two is to reach your full potential and three because you need a degree that holds value in the job market. As Director of Admissions at AIU I will be your mentor and guide throughout the admissions process and financial evaluation at AIU. My name is Juan Mejia juanmm@aiu.edu – To learn more about my role at AIU, you may find me by Clicking Here.

At AIU, we honor education as a human right, focusing on your individual goals and dreams. You have the potential to surpass expectations and achieve greatness. Atlantic International University offers a Merit-Based Partial Scholarship Program to validate the exceptional achievements of our potential students. Eligibility for this scholarship hinges the applicant’s academic excellence and leadership capabilities. Applicants must also demonstrate financial responsibility by covering a significant portion of their program cost.

Why AI Tools from AIU’s Virtual Campus?

  • Personalized Learning: Tailor your education to match your career goals with our flexible, open curriculum and cutting-edge AI tools.
  • Flexible Learning: Our open curriculum and andragogy-focused programs allow you to tailor your studies to your interests and career goals, ensuring a personalized educational journey.
  • Real-World Skills: Gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience with AI, preparing you for the evolving job market.
  • Innovative Resources: Utilize our advanced AI tools to enhance your learning experience and achieve academic excellence.
  • Global Community: Join a diverse network of students and professionals from around the world.
  • Career Support: Access resources and guidance to secure remote online jobs and advance your career.

How can this partial scholarship help improve my life?

  • Partial scholarship can help you afford the admissions fee to study at AIU and become the best in your field.
  • Partial scholarship can help you afford the monthly tuition for any of our programs to reach your full potential.
  • Partial scholarship are Merit Based because you deserve a life of abundance.
Annual graduation ceremony November 2023.

Reflecting on the path ahead it’s essential to understand the investment in your education as not just a financial commitment but as an important step towards shaping a prosperous future. With the value cost of our programs in perspective, we encourage you to consider if you merit the assistance through our Merit-Based Partial Scholarship Program.

Education is an investment in yourself. Statistics show that individuals with a degree can earn over 1.2 to 2.2 million dollars during their lifetime compared to those without a degree. This is not just about financial aid; it’s about recognizing the value of your potential as well as the value of your degree and your determination to reach your goals.

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As you contemplate this investment, ask yourself, “Do I deserve this assistance?” this question is a mirror reflecting your achievements, aspirations, and unwavering dedication to your growth. AIU stands ready to celebrate your hard work and ambition by facilitating access to our quality education. Your decision to invest in your education is the first step towards unlocking a future where your degree acts as a catalyst for success, potentially increasing your lifetime earnings significantly. Let this be your moment of affirmation. The assistance provided by AIU is not just financial support; it’s a recognition of your future success and contribution to society.

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Learn about AIU various Investment Plans

The value of AIU programs are by degrees and not by subjects, credits or time.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Financial Plans At AIU

What is an enrollment fee?

The enrollment fee is your initial investment into your program and it is due after you have been qualified to study at AIU (gained an admission letter). This initial investment guarantees you will have access to our online campus as well as AIU resources and begin your program. This fee covers your first month as a new student of AIU.

What is Plan 1, payment in full?

Plan 1 is a one time payment which can save you a few thousand dollars and it is due in full by paying $500 enrollment fee and the remaining balance of the plan within 15 days in order to be considered a Plan 1 savings plan.

What is Plan 2, monthly payments?

Plan 2 is a monthly tuition payment plan which helps you pay in monthly installment over 28 months. You can start by paying an enrollment fee of $500 and your monthly tuition payment will be due 30 days later after your enrollment fee was received.

How will a partial scholarship help me?

Partial scholarships are designed to assist students in real need and whom are ready to enroll into their program of choice this week. The main reason to enroll now rather than later is because funds may run low at any time. In order to qualify for higher funding all applicants must be ready to join AIU. You may become pre-qualified by going to the bottom of this page and apply.

How do I know I qualify to study at AIU?

All students are required to become pre-qualified academically as well as financially. Once you become qualified you shall receive admissions documents detailing your payment plan and enrollment date before you are asked to make any payment.

For partial scholarship applicants, you shall receive an approval or denial in writing the same day you applied for funding, your admissions documents will explain how much funding was awarded to you as well as a payment plan that suits your budget.

What are the AIU payment options?

There are 7 options for payments. Send proof of payment to juanmm@aiu.edu

  1. All major Debit or Credit cards Visa, Mastercard, American express which can make international payments online.
  2. PayPal payments to admissions@aiu.edu
  3. Zelle payments to finance@aiu.edu
  4. Klasha from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, and Tanzania Students.
  5. Coinbase crypto currency.
  6. Bank wire transfers, name of account Atlantic International University.
  7. Western Union QUICKPAY or QUICK Collect (Money transfers to institutions or companies).


The following documents must be ready for submission:

This step is the same process to enroll into any program, make sure all documents are submitted correctly.

  • A word or PDF copy of your highest level of education.
  • A word or PDF copy of your updated CV.
  • A government issue ID and passport size photo that demonstrates who you are.
  • Download and fill the form below and upload to your application for the partial scholarship to be approved.

Scholarship deadline is nearing.


Secure higher funding by applying now! Opportunities diminish as time progresses.


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