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You are here because you showed great commitment to join AIU with the assistance from the Director of Admissions DepartmentJuan Mejia juanmm@aiu.edu – To learn more about your mentor and guide, you may find more information by Clicking Here.

Atlantic International University has been a pioneer in online education for over 26 years, honoring education as a human right and focusing on students’ goals and dreams. Our students have the potential to surpass expectations and achieve greatness.

Why AI Tools in AIU’s Virtual Campus?

  • Personalized Learning: Tailor your education to match your career goals with our flexible, open curriculum and cutting-edge AI tools.
  • Flexible Learning: Our andragogy-focused programs allow you to customize your studies to your interests and career objectives.
  • Real-World Skills: Gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience with AI, preparing you for the evolving job market.
  • Online library: Access over 387,000+ books in electronic format to support your research based program.
  • Global Community: Join a diverse network of students and professionals from around the world.
  • Career Support: Access resources and guidance from academic tutors, advisors, and secure online jobs to advance your career.

Take the First Step Towards Your Future.

AIU can help you achieve your dreams. Whether you’re looking to advance your career, gain new skills, or fulfill lifelong aspirations, AIU is here to guide you every step of the way.

Global Community: Join a diverse network of students and professionals from around the world, all committed to achieving their educational and professional goals.

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Value proposition

  • AIU Online Library: Access to an extensive collection of academic journals, 387,000 books.
  • AI-Powered Learning Platform: Stable Diffusion, Chat GPT 4o, Leonardo-AI, PDF Assistant, Dalle 3 & 4 and more coming soon!
  • Over 500 Mini Courses: Learn a course within minutes with micro learning techniques.
  • Academic Advisors and Mentors: Personalized support from experienced academic advisors and mentors.
  • Career Services: Comprehensive career support and income generation Master Class for entrepreneurs.
  • Live Classes Environment: Interactive online classrooms that facilitate real-time communication and collaboration.
  • AI-Powered Writing Assistance: Access to AI-driven tools that help students improve their writing skills.
  • Virtual Research Labs: Online research labs equipped with cutting-edge tools and resources.
  • Interactive Learning Modules: Engaging and interactive learning modules that incorporate multimedia elements.
  • Global Networking Opportunities: Platforms and events that connect students with a global community of peers.
  • AIU Student Blog/Website: A dedicated space for students to create and maintain personal blogs, showcasing their academic projects, research, and professional achievements and to top it all, custom create your own website for free.

AIU’s Investment Plans

The value of AIU programs are by degrees, not by major, credits or time.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Financial Plans At AIU

What is the enrollment fee?

The enrollment fee is your initial investment into your program, covering your first month and guaranteeing access to AIU’s resources.

What is Plan 1?

Plan 1 involves a one-time payment, saving you a few thousand dollars by paying the $500 enrollment fee and the remaining balance within 15 days.

What is Plan 2?

Plan 2 is a monthly payment plan, helping you pay in installments over 28 months, starting with a $500 enrollment fee.

How do I know I qualify to study at AIU?

Students must become pre-qualified academically and financially. Once qualified, you will receive admission documents detailing your payment plan and enrollment date before making any payment.

What are the AIU payment options?

There are 7 options for payments. Send proof of payment to juanmm@aiu.edu

  1. All major Debit or Credit cards Visa, Mastercard, American express which can make international payments online.
  2. PayPal payments to admissions@aiu.edu
  3. Zelle payments to finance@aiu.edu
  4. Klasha from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, and Tanzania Students.
  5. Coinbase crypto currency.
  6. Bank wire transfers, name of account Atlantic International University.
  7. Western Union QUICKPAY or QUICK Collect (Money transfers to institutions or companies).


Required Documents for Submission:

Ensure all documents are submitted correctly to enroll in any program.

  • A Word or PDF copy of your highest level of education.
  • A Word or PDF copy of your updated CV.
  • A government issue ID and passport size photo.
  • Download, fill out, and upload the autobiography form below.

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