Change people's lives via Academic Freedom and Purposed Based learning

AIU is a pioneering online educational institution committed to providing high-quality, flexible, and accessible higher education to learners around the world. Our innovative approach to online learning, combined with a diverse global community, empowers students to achieve their academic and professional goals.

AIU is looking for professionals who are passionate about helping others achieve their goals and find their passion in life. That is what the Academic Freedom of AIU’s programs are designed to facilitate. Students identify problems and develop solutions to meet those head on by focusing their courses, assignments, research and projects on enhancing or developing the knowledge and skills and abilities they need to drive the necessary change and innovation. Each is a unique program developed for one student which makes the academic content 100% relevant and focused to what the student wants to accomplish boosting motivation, relevance, and interest. As a renowned educational institution, we are dedicated to excellence in academia, and we’re seeking a dynamic individual to lead our SEO initiatives to new heights. AIU is known for its Academic Freedom and programs uniquely tailored to each student with a rich 25 year history and a global presence, we’re shaping the future of education and empowering students to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Juan Mejia — Director of Admissions AIU

Admissions Counselor Philosophy

We wholeheartedly believe that every interaction with our future student is an opportunity to create a positive and lasting impression. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and value to our potential students, we strive  to exceed all expectations with every interaction. 

Admissions Counselor Mission

Our aspiration is to stand at the forefront of our industry, renowned for our unwavering work ethic, determination, and remarkable assistance to potential students. We are a dedicated team of professionals, always striving to improve and embrace innovation, creativity, and collaboration as we aim to lead the way in our field.

Admissions Counselor Vision

To become a globally renowned, world-class counselors. Our vision includes a team of passionate and highly skilled individuals, empowered to transform their lives through continuous learning and growth, always staying ahead of the curve. We are committed to fostering a culture of excellence, teamwork, and respect, where every member feels valued, supported, and inspired to achieve their personal best.

Meet Our Top Counselors

Reaching your maximum potential is not easy but is worth it.

Former HS teacher

Alfredo Luna

From the very beginning, I set my sights on excellence, determined to surpass boundaries and deliver exceptional results, consistently staying at the forefront. If you’re ready to unlock your full potential and strive for greatness, then this is the ideal place for you.

Former Paralegal

Cynthia Jhonson

I’m available around the clock to assist my potential students, driven by my passion for my career and my desire to provide a successful role model for my family. Gender doesn’t define my work ethic; I excel because I value my worth and thrive on challenges.

Peter Brown

As a dedicated professional counselor, I take immense pleasure in assisting my students daily. My goal is to always excel, and if I have one regret, it’s not discovering this opportunity sooner. I’m committed to giving my best everyday. This career has transformed my life.

Former Administrator 

AC sample
Former Admin Assistant

Julie Patel

I find immense satisfaction as I watch my numbers soar. Time isn't my focus; I'm driven by achieving top results every week. My family deserves an exceptional mom both at home and at work.  I'm in the process of building a life filled with abundance. 

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